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tv   Today  NBC  June 19, 2016 8:00am-8:59am EDT

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oh, my gosh. >> we have not 20, but 50 casualties. >> when does this stop? >> i assume this is disney and that you're safe. >> welcome to sunday "today." i'm willie geist. thank you for starting your father's day with us. big shoutout to all the dadse e to today, especially mine, bill geist. we'll be talking in a moment about all we have learned in the seven days since. and later this morning, he's one of the most popular players in the world of sports. but he doesn't wear a uniform. writer,
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bill simmons has built a personal media empire as the unfiltered, sometimes controversial voice of the fan. >> i don't know why i have this skill, but i'm good at getting fo people to say stuff that afterwards they're like, [ bleep ], i shouldn't have said that. when you're interested in somebody, it makes them want to tell you stuff. >> the mall of your youth may not be around much longer. morgan radford looks at closing the doors of an american institution. >> it was, you know, orange julius, and waldenbooks and spencer gifts. do you remember spencer gifts? the mall is no longer the cool, interesting, fun, hip thing to do. it is just not. then harry smith has a remarkable update on a story that made headlines recently, one that began with hate, but ended in forgiveness. >> would it be safe to say that you were guilty of stupidity? >> absolutely, of course. ignoranc
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next door and realized that what they were all about, wouldn't even questioned. >> we have a great group acs assembled around the table. wildfire crews will battle extreme heat and dry air again today as they try to contain blazes in four western states. a state of emergency has been called in california's santa barbara county. hundreds of people evacuating while flames destroyed close to 8,000 acres. there are evacuations in new mexico as well. 24 homes have burned so far. more than 17,000 acres are lost and the fire only 5% contained. donald trump taking the day off to campaign trail today. on saturday, he campaigned in las vegas and phoenix amid reports that some republican leaders will try to deny him the party's nomination. trump telling the crowds, there is no way that's going to happen. he spoke to nbc's hallie jackson and said he hopes the party will come together behind his candidacy. >> it would be nice if the
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kind of a candidate, and, you know, paul ryan said that, i'm a different kind of a candidate, i think i win either way. i can win one way or the other. >> 20,000 people expected at a vigil tonight for the victims of last week's orlando nightclub shooting. a moment of silence was held before a tampa bay rays game on friday. pride night there in st. petersburg, florida, saw tropicana field's largest crowd . ces on earth. two planes headed for the south pole in an effort to bring back a u.s. worker with an unspecified medical emergency. currently the middle of winter in antarctica, that means total darkness. the landing will be difficult. medical experts tell the national science foundation the worker cannot wait to get treatment at a hospital. and if you have seen a
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you may want to check your inbox for free tickets. ticketmaster settling a $400 million class action lawsuit over its high fees, that mean 15 million people may be in line for vouchers or free tickets for shows in lieu of cash payments. alison stewart, correspondent and anchor for pbs news hour and author of the book "junk digging through america's love affair with stuff" and back in her mtv days, alison covered another clinton running for president, do we have the picture, of some 1992 a-stew. yes. >> love it. >> the hair. >> i had not discovered good hair products yet. and it rained that day. >> in your defense. meanwhile, anand giridharadas, let me say it again, giridharadas, giridharadas, i know you well, we'll work this out some day, a writer for "the new york times" and author "the true americ
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german raves in brooklyn but went to bed early last night for us. and amy holmes, political analyst, aid and speechwriter to former republican majority leader bill frist. she, alison and anand will be locked all morning in a competition for best hair. we invite everybody to vote online, #sundaytoday. welcome back. good to see you. a lot of you are here last sunday morning, waiting to go on, we got this terrible news out of orlando. we had a week or so to digest it. anand, i'll start with you, there have been so many people pointing so many fingers. what caused this, what should we be talking about, terrorism, we should be talking about the way the fbi monitors people, homophobia, guns, there is this stew and everyone seems to have a cause and reason why it happened. what is this a story about to you? >> i think one of the remarkable things about this story is how many story lines, how many of the american story lines today it had in it at once and we still don't know the full measure of all of them. it certainly has a story about terrorism and radical
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manhood and abusive man, i think it has a story about guns, i think it is a story about homophobia. but, to me, what happened right afterward risks eclipsing the tragedy, which is an exploitive speech right afterward by donald trump a day or two afterward that i think will go down as one of the most dangerous and un-american speeches by an american nominee in my lifetime. >> for the benefit of the viewers, which part of the speech bothered you? >> it is first time someone of that stature essentially targeted a group of americans and linked a specific terrorist act to an entire population of people. and said, we need to keep that entire population of people out of our country. it was very deft, very clever, he's smarter than a lot of his critics think and he very carefully used language to telescope back and forth between specific people
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world, entire countries, entire regions, going back and forth in his language. i think 50 years from now, people may not remember the orlando massacre for good or ill. that speech will be taught to our grandchildren. >> we shouldn't be surprised anymore, but i guess i was, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting on sunday how quickly people run to their cultural battle station. everyone has to stake out their positions and talk not about the 49 people that died, but about defending their spot. >> i took off my reporter hat and became a civilian because i think i shared with some of you that the next day there was a gun incident outside of my son's school and his school, the kids had to shelter in place because someone had taken out a gun, we're not talking about the mean streets or anything here, this is a public school and we're there. one reason i think people are going to their outposts is people don't know what to do, but the thing i think is there could ever be any sort -- i don't want to say silver
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but anything productive out of this, this has become so far reached that you have different communities, lgbt, parents, african-americans, can all coalesce together and unite to really pay attention and get active about something in a united way. we have been disparate, five fingers on a hand make a fist, right? if there is anything productive that could come out of what happened is that disparate groups, because it is everywhere, it is outside of elementary school and greenwich village and in a black church in south carolina that we're having gun issues that perhaps we can get some movement, maybe we're there, maybe we're at that moment. >> amy, i consider myself an optimistic person by nature. i don't want to sound defeatist. but is the country capable of having a conversation about these incidents? we talked about after sandy hook, if it wasn't going to change after sandy hook, when, god, would it ever change? not just talking about guns, but about how we talk about these things. >> right, and it f
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one another. and when we talk about what was the story on sunday, i would add to that list, the 49 people who lost their lives. and that each and every single one of those people has a story. when i read them, when i see their photos, you know, it chokes you up and it makes you feel emotional. i would hope in solidarity with our fellow americans, one of the things that has been disappointing for me is to see how quickly we fractured and did go to our battle stations as you put it and tried to come together to try to find some reasonable, sensible solutions where we can all find consensus, one area i think we need to focus on is national security, law enforcement, it was frustrating to me that our fbi director said that at this point he can't see what the fbi would do differently. i would say, well, 49 people would actually ask you to maybe, you know, change your approach here. so having that conversation, and also i think acknowledging that people of goodwill and good faith can have different opinions, but we have to have at
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baseline trust in one another that we're trying to find solutions. >> anand, you mentioned donald trump, he had a difficult week, even outside of orlando. some new polling coming out showing him trailing hillary clinton, bloomberg had him down 12 points, other polls, 6 points. when you look inside some of the demographic numbers in this washington post poll, it is pretty staggering. the unfavorable view african-americans have of donald trump is 94%. remember, he promised on the campaign trail he would win 20 or 25% of the african-american vote. hispanics, 89% unfavorable numbers. how does he dig himself out of this, if he does? >> i don't know this is an easy thing to dig himself out of. i think if you run -- let's call a spade a spade, if you run an ethnic nationalist political campaign and it is really gone from being a dog whistle ethnic nationalist campaign to pretty explicit ethnic nationalist campaign, it is hard to win over the
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ethnicities on the other side. it is still pretty high for that kind of strategy and people have been saying for a year this kind of strategy could never get you these numbers. i think there is a story here also about a lot of people coming into the process, who are actually animated by an ethnic nationalist campaign. so i wouldn't be so sanguine about that strategy having no shot. i think for the republican party a kind of white strategy is not a great 50-year plan. it may be good enough for right now. >> he has said, and he just told hallie jackson yesterday, alison if the party is with me, great, if not, i don't need them. i didn't need them in the primary. i don't need them now. is he right about that? >> i've been reading paul ryan's twitter feed and there is no mention of donald trump, like for miles, talking about the republican party and its values, as sort of
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whistle of we're not necessarily going to talk about that guy, that guy who we brought into the grocery store and is knocking pickle jars off the aisles, but you got to clean it up. he's in your party. i, you know what, donald trump makes me do this -- i don't know. maybe he can. he's proven so many people wrong about so many other things. >> amy, let me play a sound bite for you, trump speaking on saturday at a rally in phoenix, comparing himself to a supermodel. check it out. >> i feel like a supermodel, except, like times ten, okay, it's true. i'm a supermodel. i'm on the cover of the magazines. i'm on the cover of the biggest magazines -- i don't even know about it. i can't even read the story because if i did, i wouldn't get any work done. >> the larger point is his celebrity is so big, he doesn't need anybody but himself to win. >> yes, and he's also not a supermodel. i think -- >> going on the record with that, yes. >> i think we can establish that. i don't think he's right. i don't think that the data we have so far would support his analysis. he got -- it is tr
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contender for the nomination in history. he also got the most votes against him. and in the final analysis, we -- there was some, you know, early speculation and he was touting this and bringing new people into the republican party. that turns out not to be true. and that overall turnout in the democratic and republican primary was about equal and the republicans who voted for donald trump were already registered republicans who had voted in previous elections, just not in primaries. so donald trump does need those republicans and he also needs the center and a little bit of the center left if he wants to get past 50%. >> there is an establishment fantasy they somehow pry the nomination from his hands. quickly, anybody see that happening? >> no. >> i would say if there is any chance of that happening, the person to me who could play a role now for the republican party is john mccain. a real moral leader, a person who has braved things worse than losing an election, and who now seems unable to muster the courage to stand up for whae
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>> tough re-election and even back in 2008, he was not -- by conservatives. >> in the abstract would you want that to happen, the person who gets the most votes, you want them to be the nominee. >> stay with me for the highs and lows of the week, including the eighth grader whose graduation speech could double as an audition for it's a great day for the sully car show today in chantilly, virginia. we'll have low humidity with lots of sunshine. a terrific day is coming up. as we get into monday we'll have temperatures climbing into the low 90s on monday afternoon. ]dwill be a tomorrow as we'll have
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or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions can occur. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. anand, alison and amy sticking around with me through the highs and low of the week. the outpouring of love showered upon the grandmother of one of the victims of the pulse nightclub shoot shaegs flew to orlando this week to attend the funeral of her grandson. upon hearing the woman's story, jetblue flight attendant kelly daviar
8:19 am
the aisle of the plane asking passengers to put their signature on a note of support. instead, the passengers wrote pages and pages of notes, prayers and condolences, all presented to the grieving woman. the plane held a moment of silence for her grandson omar. our first low goes to prince william's 90th birthday party etiquette. in a clip that burned up the web this week, queen elizabeth in lime green is seen reprimanding her grandson for not standing at attention during the trooping of the color parade, part of the celebration of the queen's 90th birthday. william, preoccupied with young george in the moment snaps to his feet after a tap from grandma. royal watchers noted the face palm from george after his old man was called out by the queen. our next high flew through the air over a candlelight vigil in orlando this week. one woman was there mourning the loss of a friend, she snapped a picture. she counted exactly 49
8:20 am
killed inside pulse nightclub. the photographer wished to remain anonymous but passed along this message, there were 49 birds, my friends, the fallen were with us tonight. our next low comes from the pile of rubble off the vegas strip that used to be the riviera hotel and casino. a relic of the city's rat pack and mobster era. after 60 years in business, which included liberace as the first headliner and dean martin as a one time owner, the riv went to the great strip in the sky after a big public demolition. the land where it stood was bought for the expansion of the las vegas convention center. man, if that rubble could talk. gratuitous demolition video. >> what's wrong with me? >> there should be a youtube channel of just demolitions. >> probably is. >> 100% probably is. >> of course there is. our next high, incredible, to graduating eighth grader jack aiello ofin
8:21 am
during a graduation speech in front of his middle school, jack killed with impersonations of president obama, donald trump, ted cruz and bernie sanders. he led off naturally with trump. >> and let me just tell you that this has been a great school. we're learning languages from spain, from france, from germany, and china. let me start by saying this, god bless the great school of thomas! let me start with the lunches. they are delicious! things like pizza, tacos and chips, you name it! and some of the best cinnamon rolls i've ever tasted! i though have one improvement for them though, we need to make them free! >> he's got the message, the
8:22 am
gestures. >> move over larry david. >> senator ted cruz watched it and tweeted, okay, this kid is funny. nicely done. and congrats on graduating. our final low is the feeling you get when charlie sheen takes the moral high road on you. appearing on the bbc's graham norton show, sheen called donald trump a charlatan. sheen asked an expert to appraise the cuff links he was given. >> she took the loop, spent about four seconds and kind of recoiled from it, much like people do from trump, and so she says, in their finest moment, this is cheap pewter, and bad zirconias. >> advertised as platinum and have trump emblazoned on those. sheen owns those. >> i'm
8:23 am
gold. >> fantastic. thank you so much. anand, happy father's day, my friend. >> and to you. up next, the sports guy, bill simmons built a huge following at espn and had a big public breakup with the network. tells us what he's got planned now and head over to facebook for a facebook live chat in just two minutes. we'll be right back. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline?
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happy father's day. in the news this morning, today we should learn the names of six people killed in a van
8:27 am
virginia. that van flipped five times on interstate 95 in caroline county near the town of ladysmith. no one was wearing a seat belt. he tried to jump over what he thought was a small wall. the theater is located on the second floor of the mall. he fell 35 feet down. he was flown to shock trauma with serious injuries but is
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how's the weather going to hold up? >> take a nap in a hammock. absolutely perfect for father's day with low humidity, lots of sunshine. pouring down sunshine all across the region. no rain anywhere in sight. by 11:00 it will be near 80. near 90 by 5:00 a.m. with no humidity. by dawn tomorrow, the upper 60s. tomorrow, sunshine, highs reaching low 90s. tuesday, little shower in the morning. afternoon and evening storms are looking more likely now on tuesday with a high around 90. little less humid
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and thursday. we've got 90 minutes of news let's look at the pros and cons of father's day. here we go. pro, it is the most important day of the year for fathers. con, besides mother's day. >> that is true. >> pro, telling your dad you love him, appreciate him, you're forever grateful for all he's done for you. con, trying to find the right text emoji to convey that. >> jimmy fallon with the pros and cons of father's day. tonight is the deciding game seven of the nba finals between lebron's cleveland cavaliers and steph curry's golden state warriors. bill simmons rose to fame covering games like this one, not from the press box, but from his living room. he built a huge following, which includes 5 million twitter followers by writing from the fan's point of view,in
8:31 am
turning traditional sports writing upside down. after a long run at espn, simmons is launching out on his own, and into late night. i spent some time with him on the eve of his next big move. ♪ bill simmons may be the biggest name in sports, who doesn't wear a uniform. >> i'm bill simmons and here's what i believe. >> the former bartender turned blogger turned espn star created his own universe with millions of fans. >> i'm basically a bartender and writer and somebody who does podcasts. >> simmons' world now includes his own show on hbo, a long way from his sports guy beginnings. you get your masters in journalism at boston. >> yes. >> you work for the boston herald. >> i did, for three years. >> what was that job like? was it frustrating to you to be there, watching guys who you didn't think maybe were quite as talented or as good a writer. >>
8:32 am
competitive, i should have a column, i was probably a total [ bleep ]. >> how old are you? >> early 20s. >> yeah. >> but fortunately for me, the internet was in its nascent stage, but i was able to get online with the sports column and then took a while, but it snowballed. you can only read it if you had an aol address, a little limiting. >> yeah. >> and then finally espn came calling. >> i remember when i first read your columns, i was, like, oh, this guy's speaking the way i speak, he's talking the way i talk to my friends, he's making karate kid references, rocky 4 references. but before that, sports columns came from the press box, right, and were handed down. and the feeling with you is that you were in the bleachers with us and you were -- >> i literally was. they wouldn't let me in the press box. >> i know, i know. simmons' writing won him nanz high places, including a new late night host named jimmy kimmel. >> so jimmy was a fan of your
8:33 am
call to get. jimmy kimmel loves you and wants you to write for his show. >> jimmy likes anyone who likes him. >> that's why he called you, okay. >> and he's, like, i think abc is going to give me a show. i want to hire you to write for it. i'm thinking, like, from here? he's, like, no, no, you got to move to l.a. mid-september. 75. i just totally got seduced. >> after a year with kimmel, simmons left amicably to work full time for espn where he built a personal empire within the empire itself. there was a popular podcast, a website built around him, the acclaimed documentary series 30 for 30, a number one best-selling book, and a spot as an nba analyst alongside magic johnson. >> just be bored. i would be, like, magic, seriously, you didn't show up for the 86
8:34 am
we can all agree, right? we didn't show up. >> wrestle mania 1 is one of my highlights. >> the sports guy who couldn't get a press pass suddenly was in the room with everyone from childhood hero larry byrd to the president of the united states. for the record, simmons says he was more nervous to interview bird. >> my favorite basketball player of all time, mr. larry bird. >> but the outspoken voice that made simmons famous also got him into trouble. >> goodell, if he doesn't know what was on that tape, he's a liar. i'm just saying it, he's lying. i think that dude is lying. if you put him up on a lie detector test, he would fail. >> simmons dared his espn bosses to punish him after those comments. the network took him up on it. and suspended him for three weeks. and finally, last year, espn said it would not renew simmons' contract. according to
8:35 am
wasn't for what simmons said, it was his lack of respect for the company. you obviously left espn under terms that weren't dictated by you. you found out on twitter, i guess, you were parting ways. >> that's kind of a misnomer. >> really? >> yeah. >> you knew before the twit, te the message. >> i knew months before. it was like a cat and mouse game. >> but the official announcement was -- >> yeah, there was stuff going on behind the scenes. but it is all good. i was mad at the time, but it was -- i knew i was leaving. and i had a great run there. and, you know, got to do some great things and they certainly allowed me to succeed and thrive for a long time, i think probably longer than the over/under was. >> simmons spent the year since his breakup with espn plotting his next move. last month, he launched a new website called the ringer. >> i believe that every dicaprio movie would be just a little bit better as a matt damon movie. >>eg
8:36 am
his own show, any given wednesday, on hbo. >> so you talk celebrities, athletes, anybody you want to talk to is in this. >> athletes are tougher. you have to get creative with actors. most of them are trained not to be interesting. day after day after day after day, they have to teach themselves to not say anything. i don't know why i have this skill, but i'm good at getting people to say stuff that afterwards, like, [ bleep ], shouldn't have said that. i think you probably have this too where it is like when you're genuinely interested in somebody, it makes them want to tell you stuff. >> exactly. >> that's one of the goals is to have a show where, you know, people that i'm interested in, you know, it is my world. i don't want to go on location and be on -- and play a road game on somebody else's turf. come to my place and let's talk. with that said, i would totally go to the white house. >> in a second. >> michelle obama, done, we're going to washington. >> first show. >> road
8:37 am
>> i'm in. >> that begs the question, who is the dream guest for "any given wednesday"? >> the dream guest would be tupac. i go with dead people first. >> shooting high. how about the hologram. >> to bring back a dead person would be my dream guest. >> that would make some news. let's rank these three sports movies. >> yeah. >> "hoosiers," "rocky 4," and "karate kid". >> "karate kid" is too '80s. feels really dated. "rocky 4" has not held up well. i would go "rocky 3" out of all three of those. >> as simmons steps out on this new capto thechapter. he'll have one man on his side. >> i love roadhouse. it is incredible. i like having him in here for the meetings. he calms it down. he's always
8:38 am
an approving smile. >> that's a good look. >> i feel like he's watch ing over the office. >> like, good job, keep it up. your show is going to work. >> you got this, man. >> the show is going to work. >> after a preshow pep talk from that swayze cardboard cutout, simmons will welcome as his first guest on wednesday night fellow boston fan ben affleck and charles barkley. it airs at 10:00 p.m. on hbo. to see my full interview with bill, including where he thinks lebron james and the warriors rank in history, check out our web extras at and next week, best-selling author and famed war correspondent sebastian junger with a fascinating look through the prism of military veterans at tribes. and just ahead on sunday "today," when is the last time you went to the mall? if you can't remember, you're not alone. you're report on what is causing the demise of an american gathering place. next on sunday "today."
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so you have 20 more bags. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases and no annual fee. get cash back with american express. i grew up in new jersey roaming the food courts, so a world without malls is inconceivable to me. as americans shopping habits change that world may be on the horizon. morgan radford looks into the demise of an american institution. o
8:41 am
>> the mall useding to the place you went with your friends when you couldn't drive. you got dropped off there. you could be without your parents. it was the place to hang out. >> but that place we once met face to face is increasingly fading. >> it was, you know, orange julius, and waldenbooks, and spencer gifts. do you remember spencer gifts? the mall is no longer the cool, interesting, fun, hip thing to do. it is just not. >> the '90s mall rats culture captured by kevin smith now looks as much look a time caulpse as that black and white video store in his movie "clerks". >> what are you looking for? >> today, many american malls have slowed to a crawl. shopped until they were dropped. by people like new mom ali newsom. >> you used to work at the mall. >> i did. i worked at j. crew for a little bit. >> all right, step down. >> now
8:42 am
sumner, she bagged it for an approach more out of the box. >> look. >> do you ever miss it, going to the mall, the whole experience? >> i guess not really. it just depends. if i have to roll up to the mall, bring a stroller, diaper bag, get the baby in and out of the car, shopping bags, that's a lot. >> and the day we showed up at her door, so did -- >> i cannot make this up. >> that's for me. thank you. >> have a good day. >> we got bed, bath & beyond, pampers. >> i know. >> it is part of a growing trend, almost 10% of all retail sales are done online, contributing to the growing number of so-called dead malls across the country. some now overgrown, frozen in time, like ohio's once thriving rolling acres mall, haunting images of these one time american icons of consumerism captured by photographers and shared online. and the past six years, more than two dozen shopping malls have been shuttered,
8:43 am
the verge of disappearing and 15% are expected to close their doors in the next decade. >> what happened has been almost a survival of the fittest, like a high versus low. >> high end mall experts say are thriving, while everyday suburban malls are zpeerbi indi with the shrinking middle class, that may be less about convenience and more about culture. so no mall. >> no. >> these teens say malls today just aren't cool. >> what do you think when you find out your parents used to go it the mall to hang out? >> kind of whack. >> yeah. >> i look at them like they were crazy. >> what do you use most to connect with your friends? >> snapchat. >> when i was in high school, i remember you wanted to go to the mall because you wanted to be seen. it was, like, where you would go if you meet a cute boy. that doesn't exist anymore? >> no one really goes there. >> it is whack? >> it is whack. >> if you have a nice outfit, you can
8:44 am
>> now malls are also getting a new shot. some as offices, hospitals and remember rolling acres in ohio not far away? it is now resurrected as a church. >> thank you, father, that you no longer look for buildings to dwell in. >> given all the changes, we decided to ask the expert. we have seen studies that show that american malls are dying. you're there every single year. are they? >> i can tell you the american mall is not dying. >> here we go. >> santa says, sure, malls across america have evolved. >> sometimes it is the big, big giant in clothes and other times it is wide open. >> outdoors like this. >> outdoors like this. >> in the end, he believes malls are part of the american tradition, here to stay. just like him. >> morgan radford reporting alongside santa claus with us this morning. coming up next on sunday "today," a shooting at a mosque in connecticut last year
8:45 am
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in the midst and the aftermath of horrible incidents like the shooting in orlando a week ago, we often find extraordinary heroism in amazing grace. at pulse nightclub, partiers turned into amateur medics saving lives in the chaos. in charleston, families of the victims face the shooter to somehow offer their forgiveness. harry smith has the story of the surprising awakening that came out of one shooting last year. >> ted haky jr. admitted he had
8:49 am
enraged bit scenes unfolding in france, he grabbed a gun, aimed next door and pulled the trigger. >> the bullet came straight through the prayer hall, through the internal dividing wall, and out through the women's side as well. to penetrate three walls. >> the marine vet veran was ar t arrested. in the months since, something remarkable happened. would it be safe to say you're guilty of stupidity. >> absolutely, of course. of ignorance. because if i had knocked on the door next door and realized that what they were all about, wouldn't even have questioned. >> after the shooting, hakey requested to meet with the mosque leaders. he asked for their forgiveness. >> bought discredit upon myself, the marine corps, everything i stand for, just this isn't me. >> and they did forgive him. >> to my congregation, i'm going to ask you to
8:50 am
hug mr. hakey and mrs. hakey just like a muslim should treat his or her neighbor. >> the enemy next door became a friend. in fact, he became more than a friend. >> first he was a shooter. and then he was our neighbor. and then he was a friend. and he became my brother when he prayed with me side by side and bowed his head in prayer and he didn't have to do that. >> a lot of the muslims are upset that their religion is being hijacked, by people who don't follow the koran. you're not so, you know, stepping away, you need to just get educated and the only way to beat this is with them on our side. >> friday morning, ted hakey jr. was in court to learn what sentence he received for his crime. also at the courthouse, members of the mosque he shot at. >> we were here to show our support and solidarity with mr. hakey, our new friend. >> they were there because they believed hakey does not d
8:51 am
congregation. >> but -- >> your house of worship. >> he was ignorant. now that he knows, his heart has changed. and, you know, it is one person at a time as we call it, one drop in the ocean, but 150 million to go, you know. so we'll keep going. ♪ >> neither hakey nor his neighbors made any effort to become acquainted. they were strangers, content to be apart, and that, they acknowledge, was a mistake. >> loving your neighbor is something that creates solace and tranquility and understanding. you want to reach out to them, to create that dialogue and to create that seed of love. >> we teach our children that oftentimes the things they fear are simply unfamiliar. hatred for muslims, or hatred for gays or hatred for anyone who seems to be something other than ourselves is based in
8:52 am
a fear of convenience. because sometimes it is just easier to hate than it is to find out who lives next door. and harry smith joins me now live. remarkable 180 turn around for ted hakey. is the remorse real? >> that's a good question, right, the judge did sentence him to six months. he's already done some time, so won't be six months altogether. it is less than the guidelines would suggest. he was hoping, i think, that you see the remorse that i have, you see that i'm a changed person, and that would have a larger influence, and amazing to be in the courtroom, and here are half a dozen members of this congregation sitting there, the head of the congregation gets up and talks to the judge and said this guy, this guy is remorseful already. >> where do they find that forgiveness for somebody who raised a rifle and shot into their place of worship? >> you know what, i think he came to them, he said, i want to talk to those people. and they believed that he is sincere. he saysha
8:53 am
prison he'll come back and he's going to work with his neighbors and he's going to talk to folks who would not have believed this kind of thing could have happened. >> what a story. harry smith, thank you. happy father's day. >> same to you, sir. >> good to see you. this week we highlight another life well lived. battalion chief lauren stack was laid to rest this week, nearly 50 years after he died in the attacks of september 11th. chief stack looked at his brooklyn firehouse that morning and saw the world trade center on fire. he rushed to the scene with his men and saved civilians until he was lost in the collapse of the towers. his remains were never recovered. but his family recently was told about two vials of blood stack had donated two weeks before 9/11 during a bone marrow drive for a child with cancer. the blood was tracked down in minnesota. so on friday, he was given a funeral with full fdny honors, firefighters lining the streets, bagpipes and his casket containing the vials sitting atop a
8:54 am
chief larry stack has two sons who also are firefighters. this weekend would have been stack's 49th wedding anniversary with wife theresa. on friday, his family and his fire fighting brothers finally got to say a proper good-bye. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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we close this morning as we always do at this time with some predictions for the week ahead. tonight, do or die. game seven of the nba finals between the cavs and warriors, we predict that the cavs complete the series comeback and give cleveland its first professional sports title since 1964. the city's municipal government will become a monarchy. so
8:58 am
king of that city. donald trump this week will visit scotland, the land of his ancestors and the land of his golf courses. we predict trump will remind the scotts that they better start to get smart and tough like that scottish brave heart guy. mel gibson, terrific guy, that i can tell you. and nasa is releasing recruitment posters to get people fired up about space travel to mars. nasa look for teachers, farmers and surveyors to help with the coming colinization of the red planet. we predict the first man to set foot on mars will be, you guessed it, gary busey, one sma small step for busey. > thank you for spending part of your morning with us this sunday. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." have a wonderful father's day to all the dads out there.
8:59 am
it is 9:00. right now on news4, going to be a hot and snunny father's day. and out west, triple digit weather could make massive wildfires harder to put out. hundreds of homes are at risk. one week later victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history are laid to rest, this as lawmakers are prepared to fight over new gun control measures. thank you so much for joining us on this father's day. >> lot of you looking forward to going outside to enjoy what is
9:00 am
weather. >> hey, tom. happy father's day. >> thank you very much. it is warming up now. temperatures around the region are beginning to climb into the 70s. bright sun and blue sky. just a few high clouds passing over through the morning. you can see those there on our live view. there's capitol hill in the distance. we've got the low humidity in place. low to mid 70s. reagan national up to 73. 60s in the shenandoah valley. a delightful day is underway. your planner for the day ahead, by 11:00 it will be near 80. by 2:00 upper 90s. a look at our next chances for rain coming up. right now, fire crews in the west bracing for some hot weather as they battle massive wildfires. take a look at this video. it has